3-D or Not 3-D?


Three-dimensional games proved the hot topic at this year’s Game Developers Conference. Attendees experienced a plethora of 3-D technologies on the exhibit floor and participated in various  3-D related sessions. I’m not referring here to three-dimensional renderings of graphics in a two-dimensional display, the quality and prevalence of which have risen since 5th-generation console games ushered them…

Let’s Get Physical! NCHEG Home Plays Finnish Game


At Strong National Museum of Play, home of NCHEG, we recently installed an exhibit that allows the public to experience one of my all-time favorite games, Crayon Physics Deluxe. It derives from the original Crayon Physics, which a co-worker got me hooked on a few years ago. The museum is a natural home for the game…

Japanese Jewels Excite E-Bidders


Over the last few weeks my e-mail  filled up with friends and other electronic games enthusiasts bringing to my attention a couple of eBay  auctions. Amused at first, I quickly saw a collectors’ chain reaction happening. These auctions centered on the rare and elusive Stadium Events video games by Bandai, a Japanese toy making company…

We Extend Our Deepest Condolences


We at NCHEG extend our deepest condolences to the family and colleagues of Mark Beaumont, who suffered a fatal heart attack during the early hours of February 23. Mark was an industry veteran and visionary who began his career at Atari in 1982 and at the time of his death served as Capcom’s COO for…

Welcome to Farmville–Please Have Your I.D. Ready


Recently, I reluctantly signed up for Facebook.  The site’s grown too large for me to ignore it any longer—and Lord knows I have tried.  Part of the reason I joined is because Facebook has become a huge platform for the delivery of games.  Several people I know don’t consider themselves gamers, yet they play Facebook…

Holiday Geek Gift List


Although the electronic games of my youth have since evolved into something different, one thing has remained the same: savvy marketers continue to cash in on the popularity of electronic games through non-electronic merchandise. In addition, Internet storefronts allow innovative individuals to create and market their own electronic game-related products. The breadth of available items (and…

My Guitar Hero Problem


It’s not that I play too much, quite the contrary. The Guitar Hero game I’ve had at home since last Christmas is still wrapped in cellophane. I just can’t bring myself to buy the guitar controller required to play the game. My reluctance is not a reflection of the game, which is by all measures…

Did You Get Your Goo?


Now that the special is over, I am curious to see what you paid for World of Goo.  Do you think the game is a worthy investment?

Get Your Goo


Here’s a neat opportunity you might want to seize from 2D Boy Games. Their World of Goo is a unique and quirky physics-based puzzle game that won both the Design Innovation Award and the Technical Excellence Award at the Independent Games Festival in 2008.  World of Goo’s success demonstrates not only the rise in popularity…

POW! – The Original Online Game?


Howdy Buckaroos! If my greeting strikes a familiar chord with you then it is likely that: 1. You’re a native Rochestarian; 2. You’re my age, give or take a few years. If you’re still clueless, let me help you out. “Howdy Buckaroos!” was the catch phrase of Ranger Bob, host of the appropriately titled, Ranger…